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Co-Managed IT Services

Sydow Inc. provides supplemental support to your internal IT department with co-managed IT services. We come alongside your internal IT team to help with monitoring, maintenance, documentation, and troubleshooting so they can focus on projects to keep your business running smoothly.

Co-managed IT helps alleviate:

Overwhelmed in-house IT staff

Your internal IT team is the backbone of your organization. Technology keeps your business running, giving you the capacity to grow and achieve your goals. If your IT staff is overworked keeping up with the constant demands of your organization, you cannot focus on vision and profitability. Sydow Inc.’s co-managed IT services will alleviate the pressure on your IT team and enable them – and everyone else - to concentrate on more critical tasks. Downtime and disruptions

Downtime and disruptions are costly for business and cause great stress for your internal IT team. Sydow Inc. will monitor your systems, proactively identifying and addressing potential issues. This will save your business from the high cost and adverse effects of extended downtime and disruptions.

Missed project deadlines

Partnering with Sydow Inc. will help your internal IT team stay on track by providing necessary resources and tools to give them the power to complete projects on time so your organization can achieve its business objectives.

Lack of adequate tools and resources

Your internal IT team can only be as successful as the tools and resources they can access and employ. Sydow Inc. is not only a source of excellent resources and superior tools, but also provides the expertise and experience to allow your IT team to operate effectively.


As an expert in co-managed IT solutions, Sydow Inc. understands the importance of a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure for businesses. We offer various services to help organizations like yours reduce downtime, improve internal IT processes, and drive growth – all to ensure you reach your goals.

Contact us today to see how we can address your specific needs.

Free from Sydow Inc

To learn more about the benefits of co-managed IT, download our informative infographic, “What You Need to Know About Co-Managed IT Services.” We’re here to take your business to the next level!

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