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Balanced Approach to Cyber Incidents

Ranging from data breaches and system failures to malware attacks and phishing scams, cyber incidents can result in data loss and downtime, causing costly business interruptions and financial loss. A single cyberattack may rob you of time, money, and peace of mind.

In this blog, Sydow Inc. provides you with proactive and reactive approaches to address an attack, cope with the aftermath, and prevent future incidents.

Proactive Steps

Routinely update your passwords

Protect your accounts from being hacked by updating passwords at least every six months.

Tips on how to create a strong password:

  • Use a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols

  • Avoid using easily identifiable words such as names or birthdates

  • Use different password for each account

  • Never reuse passwords

Use a virtual private network (VPN)

A VPN encrypts your company's data and gives you control over who has access to it, keeping your information safe and preventing data breaches. Sydow Inc. will ensure your VPN includes robust security features.

Run regular phishing tests

Phishing attacks can be highly sophisticated and challenging to detect. Periodically test your employees to assess their vulnerability to this cyberattack which targets users in order to obtain sensitive information or cause them to download malware.

Reset access controls regularly

Regularly reset controls to prevent unauthorized access to protected resources and ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information.

Use multifactor authentication (MFA)

Multifactor authentication prevents cybercriminals from easily accessing your precious data since this security measure requires users to verify more than one form of identification.

Conduct regular security awareness training

As a responsible business executive, you provide training for your staff. Sydow Inc. will ensure that your cyber security training program is comprehensive, engaging, and always adaptable to new threats.

Training topics recommended by the Small Business Administration (SBA):

  • Spotting a phishing email

  • Using good browsing practices

  • Avoiding suspicious downloads

  • Creating strong passwords

  • Protecting sensitive customer and vendor information

  • Maintaining good cyber practices


Implementing a proactive and reactive approach requires time, effort, and specific skillsets. Sydow Inc. has the experience and expertise to comprehensively develop an incidence response plan for your unique business. Schedule a consultation today..

Free from Sydow Inc

To walk you through incident prevention best practices, click here to download our checklist titled "Cyber Incident Prevention Best Practices for Small Businesses".

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