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Addressing EoL and EoS: 4 Practical Steps

When a software or hardware product reaches its End of Life (EoL) or End of Service (EoS), these unsupported technologies have no routine internal security measures or support from the manufacturer. There are steps you can take to mitigate the risk, protect your business, and plan for migration.

Most practical steps

Prioritize security

Prioritize security immediately after identifying EoL software/hardware. Sydow Inc will provide essential security protocols and tools to keep your data safe. We will create a plan to minimize any potential security risks.

Measure productivity

  • Keep track of the software/hardware performance so you can quickly identify if any issues escalate.

  • Ensure employees who use it are aware of its status and communicate problems and solutions.

  • Have a contingency plan in case the software/hardware completely fails to avoid any major disruptions to your organization.

Evaluate long-term needs

Consider the long-term viability of your essential systems: What are your objectives? How will you achieve them?

Deciding when to upgrade: What are the consequences of continuing to use outdated systems? How severe will they be? How much will they cost your organization?

Ensure you have the right systems in place to support your goals.

Test compatibility before migration

Sydow Inc will help you set up a test environment and run tests to ensure a smooth, painless migration process to verify all your data and applications can be transferred to the new system.


Sydow Inc will protect your company from the severe risks and dangers of EoL/EoS software and hardware. To learn more, contact us today for a cost-free consultation.

Free from Sydow Inc

Meanwhile, download our infographic "What Does End of Support Mean for Your Business?"

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