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Technology End-of-Service Misconceptions

Many businesses do not realize that expired software and hardware can actually be one of the most prominent security risks hindering their success. They continue to use unsupported software and hardware until it literally does not work anymore. But this security risk could be a severe hurdle to your organization’s daily operations and reputation.


Misconception #1: If it’s not broken, don’t fix (or replace) it

The truth is that, if you fail to update your software and hardware when the time comes, you expose your network to security vulnerabilities, bugs, and other issues. New updates frequently include security patches that keep you safe from cyberattacks. Next time you’re tempted to skip an update, remember you could kickstart a chain of events may be detrimental to your organization.

Misconception #2: End of Life means the product will no longer exist

Although the product will still be available, it will no longer receive security updates, new features, or tech support from the manufacturer. This makes it much more difficult for your IT team to keep your network and devices secure from cyberthreats, not to mention protect your environment from costly outages and expensive downtime.

Misconception #3: End of Service means I can still use the product until it breaks

While the software or hardware might still physically work, being in End-of-Life and End-of-Service states leave you prone to attacks, as well as unable to use new features and capabilities that are released. Sydow Inc will help you plan ahead and ensure you are not vulnerable to threats when support ends.


Your top priority is to keep your software/hardware up to date, so your business does not suffer avoidable consequences. Sydow Inc is here to ensure your success.

We support you by offering vital guidance and expertise so you can decide what steps to take to keep your IT systems running smoothly and securely. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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You can also dive deeper into this topic by downloading our checklist, "How Technology Reaching End of Service Can Impact Your Business."

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