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Help With Cyber Insurance

You may need help navigating technology and insurance verbiage when looking for cyber insurance for your organization. There are several types of cyber coverage; you might need help figuring out what you need because you are not a cybersecurity expert. Additionally, once you do have coverage, there is always the risk of not receiving the total payout for an incident if you do not meet your policy’s requirements.

Partnering with Sydow Inc can make your journey to meet cyber insurance requirements easier in many ways.

We can help you

As a knowledgeable IT service company providing security, backup, and compliance services to help you stay protected in terms of cyber insurance, we can get assist you with the following:

Auditing and complying with insurance policies

Most insurance policies require businesses like yours to take specific actions to reduce your business risk of a cyberattack. These actions may involve maintaining strict security protocols and procedures, regularly backing up data, etc. We can handle all of these and ensure that the appropriate security measures are followed to protect your data and comply with policy requirements.

One great benefit of working with us is that we help to make documenting your security measures easier.

Selecting the right coverage for your company

With an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity, we work with you to help select which type of cyber insurance is best for your company to cover options like theft, liability, and extortion. Your business may pay a premium for the wrong coverage and not get a proper payout when needed.

Improving your cybersecurity posture

Insurance companies are cautious about taking on too much risk due to the rising rate of cybercrime. Obtaining cyber insurance coverage can be challenging, but it is possible. When businesses like yours have a strong cybersecurity posture, the chances of getting coverage will be greater.

We can help you assess your organization’s cybersecurity risks and recommend solutions to improve your cybersecurity posture. Sydow can assist in implementing security controls and monitoring your network for threats.

Learn more about cyber insurance

We have developed a thorough checklist titled "Cyber Insurance 101 for Businesses" that you can download here.

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