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When systems become too complex and costs rise, your organization will struggle to find balance.


Sydow is a trusted partner that helps even the smallest of organizations run like a Fortune 500 company. We operate on a fixed monthly fee to help you easily predict and measure your costs. A dedicated Technical Account Manager will work with you to align technology with your organization’s mission and goals.


Our managed IT services also unite with our data center and cloud solutions, so you can easily consolidate, streamline, and modernize your business.


Sydow managed services provide your organization with:


24/7 monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring of next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), critical servers, along with backup, patch, and remediation of your information. Advanced services include: dynamic threat protection, web application security, sandboxing and security incident event management (SIEM). 


Access to certified engineers and architects

Our own team of onsite certified engineers and systems architects with subject matter expertise in highly-specific areas.


Collect and enrich data from your environment


Use this data to detect threats and alert you


Automate and orchestrate your threat response for efficiency

App Ecosystem

Out-of-the-Box Integration with Third-Party Security and IT Operational Tools

Cloud Infrastructure
IT Virtualization
Productivity Apps
IT Operations
IT Security
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