Cloud Solutions often appear tempting. However, there are many issues that should be seriously considered, such as:

  • Reliability - continued outages in various services prove once again there is no single invincible solution. According to Microsoft, an Azure Active Directory outage that lasted for about 2.5 hours on October18, 2019 was caused by multi-factor authentication (MFA) challenges not working.

  • Migration - many companies of terabytes of data; a combination of live and archive data which needs to be accessible during day-to-day operations.Be cautious when you hear Lift-and-Shift.

  • Integration - often one the most overlooked requirements is ensuring companies integration capabilities will exist. Companies are often unaware of the challenges connecting with legacy systems and applications.

  • Security - why is security always last? On July 29, 2019 a former Amazon employee was arrested for stealing 106 million financial records from a single  cloud customer.


These are few variables to consider that may impact cost when moving to a Cloud solution. 

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